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唐 博 士 中 医 针 灸 诊 所

唐博士就读于湖北中医学院和广州中医药大学, 1994 年获内分泌博士学位, 毕业后任职于广州中医药大学附属广东省中医院, 从事内科学的临床科研及教学工作, 率先开展省中医院内分泌科专科专症中医药特色辽法. 2000 年来美后继续任教于多所中医学校, 现任加州五系中医药大学教授, 博士班中医系主任. 唐博士特别善长治疗内科病, 诸如糖尿病, 肥胖症, 甲状腺功能失调, 高血压病, 冠心病, 中风及其后遗症, 帕金森氏病, 脑动脉硬化症, 内风湿性关节炎及骨性关节炎, 偏头痛, 颈肩腰背痛, 坐骨神经痛, 更年期综合症, 不孕不育, 月经失调, 痛经, 抑郁, 失眠, 头痛, 肠易激综合症, 小儿常见病, 皮肤过敏, 牛皮廯, 慢性疲劳综合症, 运动伤, 腕管综合症, 车祸及工伤. 接受各种保险, 防病治病, 养生调理.

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Acupuncture Clinic in Silicon Valley and Mountain View, CA

Dr. Caiping Tang was educated in Guangzhou and Hubei University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has more than 30 years of experience. She has a Chinese medicine Ph.D. degree and specializes in the following areas:

Currently she is a professor at Five Branches University in the Doctoral Program and is the Traditional Chinese Medicine department chair.

Acupuncture safely unlocks the body’s natural healing power. Traditional Chinese medicine techniques can help almost everyone achieve optimum health, and you’re no different! One or two treatments a week can help keep your body in a continuously balanced condition that resists disease and chronic pain. To schedule an initial consultation and treatment, please call today, and we’d be happy to set you up with the treatments that will work best for you.