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Bar H.
Just like most Americans, I don't know about oriental medicine that much. But Dr. Tang's superb medical skills convinced me it could be amazing(*only when...
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Shu L.
I got elbow pain through doing biceps curls few weeks ago and I tried salonbus and didn't get better. I also had keen pain and keen clicking sound from a...
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Malyssa S.
I've always been skeptical about this kind of medicine, but I gave it a shot. Not only is Dr. Tang really nice but she took away the pain! I have a back...
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“Caiping Tang is awesome! She is a friendly and caring person and what's more important is that she is very good at what she does. I went to her clinic with sour neck and numb fingers. The symptoms had lasted for a few days and were getting worse. When I walked out of the clinic, I felt much better. The next morning I woke up, the bad feelings were all gone. I didn't ask her to treat my diarrhea, but she also gave me treatment on that for free. Then I stopped having loose bowels the next day. I'm not a layman of traditional Chinese medicinebecause I've been treated quite a few times at different places. I have to say Caiping Tang is an excellent doctor.”–Vivian P

“Caiping Tang is excellent at what she does. To the point service that really works. Very knowledgeable and highly skilled." –Charlotte Reed-Price

“I have known Caiping Tang for over a year and always found her to be professional and personable. Her treatment, from initial diagnosis to follow on sessions, was always professional, delivering benefits that were well beyond my initial expectations. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a holistic alternativethat was truly effective for me."–Etai Lev-Ran

“Nice service and good people to deal with." –Zion Shen

“I sent my friend Curtis to Caiping Tang for intestine trouble. He said he was much better after just one visit! Thanks Tang." –Jerry Berrier 

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